To My Mind, Growth

I want to travel the world one day.

I want to do things that scare me, and see things that challenge the way I think. Don’t get me wrong, I hope to see gorgeous cities and landmarks like the next person, but I also want to see the poorest areas of the world. I want to learn from my neighbors directly, rather than reading about them. I want to hear stories and history from those who experienced it, to shake hands with people different than I. I want to eat food that’s rich in culture, learn different tongues and hear what is important in the lives of strangers. I refuse to accept that what is right in front of me is the only correct way to live, that the way I was raised is the only way.

So life, show me artwork, show me great literature from years before I was born, give me a life rich in knowledge so that in turn I may better myself. Allow me friends that are adventurous and enlightening, and allow me a mind that is willing to grow. May somehow along the way I find the courage to act, not only think, and seek the truth wherever the road takes me.


Thanks Skyler.


An Open Letter to Every ‘Bathroom Bar Girl’


Dear Bathroom Bar Girl,

You rock. You really do look pretty, and that boy you’re crying about isn’t worth your tears. I should know, I have been on the other side of that same sink many times before. Thank you for complimenting me, even when I feel like a mess, for sharing lipstick and comparing stories about the assholes we knew, and assholes we know. From one girl to another, thanks for holding my hair, throwing paper towels under the bathroom door, and giving me one last pep talk before I try and get my life together. It’s funny how ten minutes in a dimly lit bathroom the size of a small shoe closet, can bond complete strangers together. I’ll always appreciate those hugs, those drunken high fives, the kind words of advice and the slurred compliments.

Chances are I’ll never see you again, but believe, me I’ll always remember you.


Sincerely yours, just another Bathroom Bar Girl.